“Moms and dads will be cut out of the most important and life-altering decisions of their
child’s life, if this passes.”

-Molly Smith, Board
Member, Protect Women Ohio


COLUMBUS, OH — A new pro-woman, pro-parent coalition, Protect Women Ohio (PWO), launched a multi-million-dollar television and digital ad campaign statewide today aimed at defeating an extreme amendment to the Ohio Constitution. PWO will spend $5 million on advertising in the state over the next four weeks for this first phase of its effort to defeat the amendment. 

“Moms and 
dads will be cut out of the most important and life-altering decisions of their lives child’s life, if this passes,” said Molly Smith, Board Member, Protect Women Ohio. “This extreme amendment eliminates any current or future protections for minors requiring parents be notified and consent before their child undergoes a procedure like an abortion or sex change surgery. Ohioans must vote ‘no’ on this dangerous proposal.”

Smith explained 
the amendment language clearly prohibits any law that “directly or indirectly” would “burden” or “interfere” with any “reproductive decisions.” Those are  specific legal terms which have been interpreted by courts across the country to strike down parental notification and consent laws.

Watch the ad

Ad Text:  
(Female voiceover)

Your daughter’s young.



You fear the worst.

Pushed to change her sex.

Or to get an abortion.

You have some right to help her through this.

But activists want to take all that away.

Under their proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution, the state “shall not interfere” with individuals getting abortions or sex changes.

 Meaning you could be cut out of the biggest decision of her life.

A legal analysis of the extreme anti-parent amendment from Carrie Campbell Severino and Frank J. Scaturro is available HERE


 Protect Women Ohio is a coalition of concerned family and life leaders, parents, health and medical experts, and faith leaders in Ohio. Molly Smith, Founding Member of Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Aaron Baer, president of Center for Christian Virtue, and Peter Range, CEO of Ohio Right to Life, serve as members of the PWO Board of Directors.


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